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Short of writing a letter and sending it by mail to your company, I hope this reaches out to the employee mentioned.

It has been a long-winded journey to getting full access to my account JUST to view the details of my bill. For such a minute matter that usually is resolved online, this has been quite the complication. To say the least, Lou (in Tech FiOs Services) has provided exceptional customer service above and beyond what any other Verizon agent I have come in contact with for the last month. He understood exactly what my concern was, got his team involved, and did not rest until my problem was remediated, all ON THE SAME DAY. He should be the benchmark by which every other Verizon agent should be held against. I thank him again for his relentless approach and steadfast commitment to excellence. He is indeed an invaluable asset to your organization.

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Thank you VeryPleased for the kind words! Lou is indeed an asset to this company and we're delighted you've been a first-hand recepient of his stellar service and commitment to excellence!.