Employee - Kudos to Joe!

Thank you Joe - for Your Outstanding Professionalism and kindness towards me yesterday.

I have been trying for about 8 months or more with the problem I had with my Verizon account- 

And you went above and beyond to remedy this problem - and you did!

Only you were able to help me - I had been elsewhere to Verizon and not one person was

able to help me - You are Spectacular and Deserve a Promotion! You are an Asset to the Verizon Community - and I will always remember how kind and patient you were with me - until you figured out a way to 

help me remedy my situation.

Thank so much Joe, and "GOD" Bless You Always for your Goodness Towards Others and Your Caring to Help Others - such an Asset to Verizon. They say we are all dispensable in our positions, but they are wrong. YOU ARE INDISPENSABLE!!!

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Re: Employee - Kudos to Joe!

Hi angelbaby,

Thank you for your comments. We will pass along your message, with the employee number included.