Equipment Fees, Taxes and Surcharges - Enough already!

So my discount period just ended, and between DVR, 1 set top box and fees and surcharges, it is over $50/month, which is over 25% of my bill.  This seems crazy.  They helpfully reduced me from $32/month for DVR service and 1 set top box to just $24/month for a set top box with DVR?  That's $300/year for something they won't allow me to buy. 

I love verizon, and have been a customer for 10 years but this is getting ridiculous. I can't imagine they are surprised that people keep cutting the cord.  I've already installed hulu and fubo trials, and am planning to test them out for the next month. Can't imagine I will still have TV service after NCAAs.


Re: Equipment Fees, Taxes and Surcharges - Enough already!

Like most similar operative companies the prices keep rising and rising. Makes no difference if you are a 10 year customer or a 1 year customer or even longer. It will continue to rise until you the customer has had enough.

my wife and I have Fios gigabit service. It is a solid service and we use entertainment companies like google tv and Hulu and Britbox and Others. Yes they cost money and only the google tv has been acting like major cable and Fios via constant price hikes.

you will be better off at internet only with your own router. And many of these over the air services has free dvr service.

check them out