Equipment charge for lost router/adapter

I am kinda ticked off. My husband and I moved houses and terminated our FiOS service when we did so. When I talked to the individual about terminating our service, she told me Verizon would mail us boxes to put our equipment in to mail the equipment back to Verizon. There was no specification I had to use UPS.

So, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I put the box in an outgoing mailbox (the big, blue postal service kind), only to be contacted by Verizon today saying our equipment has yet to be received. It was only then when I started scouring Verizon's website that I noticed in the small, fine print, that I had to use UPS to do this. 

Will my items still be recieved using the postal service, like I did? If not, what kind of egregious charges can I expect for a  Fios Quantum Gateway Router and Digital Adapter 1?

Re: Equipment charge for lost router/adapter

Total dependent on if the label they gave you was ups or usps prepaid.

placing it in a post office box (surprised they still have one left)

if they  don’t get their stuff back it’s about $150 for the router and the other I have no idea.

however being mad at Verizon is kind of strange. They gave you the return labels and it was up to you the customer to send them back properly.