Equipment refresh with new contract?
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My fios contract has been expired for a few months now. I finally got around to attempting to renew it this evening. I was looking to keep my existing triple play, Ultimate TV with 4 STB's and all the subscription channels but upgrade the internet bandwidth from 100 Mbps to the 150 Mbps tier. I also wanted to add 2 of the fios wifi extenders. I went through it all with the rep via the web chat feature. After we agreed on package and price I noted that I was expecting an equipment refresh for the gateway router and the main dvr box as they are rented, over 2 years old and the dvr  has been experiencing significant usability and performance issues.

I really did not expect this comment to be problematic, and completely expected an equipment refresh to be a typical part of the contract renewal process.

Boy was I wrong. Long story short is that verizon flat out refuses to refresh my aging equipment when I renew the contract. Is this  the poliocy on contract renewals?  

The DVR frequently stops responding and requires disconnection from the power source in order to resolve itself and there have also been many occasions that the DVR simply doesn't work, similarly often times there are movies we have purchased that are "unavailable" again until we reboot the main dvr via a hard boot.

Regardless of the obvious issue with the aging equipment and it's impact on my service, I feel it is fair and quite reasonable to expect some type of equipment refresh when renewing a multi-year contract.

The agent wouldn't budge on the equipment refresh issue and tried pushing me to upgrade anyway, even suggested that I speak with tech support about the issues with my TV service, but I informed her that I would prefer a night to sleep on it to better evaluate my thoughts.

Is the events as I described really the policy of verizon? I don't see myself staying here if so, because I don't think it's reasonable or fair to deny an equipment refresh for a contract renewal. I find this whole debate to be foolish.

Re: Equipment refresh with new contract?
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I assume you have the legacy hardware (7XXX models).
Allt hey could send you would be another one of the same model that is probably just as old.

New hardware is the Quantum service that has a higher monthly charge.

With it you get enhance capabilities (able to record up to 6 channels at a time).
And each of the non-DVR stbs can pause rewind and fast forward live tv.

They have changed their model for rotuers as well. You have to either buy or rent (which I beleive is similar to other cable providers).