To Whom It May Concern,

We are reaching out to inform you of the terrible experience we have had with Verizon after our recent switch from Comcast. We were lied to and misled on numerous occasions by Verizon employees and supervisors.  Prior to our switch we were Comcast customers for 12 years.

Back in early January someone reached out to my fiancé about Verizon services. We were told we were getting a $250 gift card that we could use to pay our first bill (that had installation cost.) We agreed upon channels and pricing and had a Verizon technician come out to install Sunday January 21st. After installation we noticed we didn’t have the channels we originally agreed to (FX, Comedy Central, and a few others, this was the first lie.) We called a few weeks after installation and spoke to a customer representative. He informed us of a package that includes FX, Comedy Central, and ALSO has AT&T sports which was the main channel we wanted from the initial conversations. We were delighted to find out that we would save $5.00 per month. 

The next day when I went to watch the hockey game, AT&T Sports was NOT INCLUDED, this was the second lie. We called many times and waited on hold for hours (multiple calls) to get nothing accomplished. We finally reached a supervisor a few hours after my initial call. They said “Don’t worry, all calls are recorded. If the representative said that we will honor those channels.” That was the third lie. After I got disconnected and nobody called me back, I reached out again later in the week. I spoke to Dwight from the Buffalo office who PROMISED me a call back from a supervisor at a specified time. This was the fourth lie. I did not receive a call in the window that I had requested (not even close.) I called back a few days later, waited to speak to a supervisor, explained my situation and frustration, left my callback number in case we got disconnected. Needless to say we got disconnected and I did not receive a call back (fifth time I was lied to in the matter of weeks.)

I must have ended up calling back another 3-4 times and got disconnected on most calls and received no call backs. I finally spoke to a “Miss Simmons” last week who was a supervisor at Verizon. I thought after explaining all of the horrific experiences that I went through that I could potentially get what was originally promised to me. Nope. They could not honor the package and apparently you cannot go back and listen to phone calls. I requested her supervisors contact info and she gave me your address. My last effort was today 3/14/18 just simply requesting to get my cancellation fee reimbursed, and I was denied. When I asked why I was told “I should have read the email to confirm the channels that I was told over the phone.” I didn’t realize I had to double check Verizon employees work (on two separate occasions in January and February.) They also informed me that my $250 gift card mentioned in the first paragraph would be there sometime in April. I don’t know how I can pay “my first bill” when I don’t have the gift card (so technically this was the first lie.)

 I must have spent 10+ hours trying to handle this with Verizon Customer Support. I am writing to you not only to hope this will lead to customer service improvements but also to request to be exempt from some, or the entire cancellation fee. I don’t think it is ethical (or legal) to ask someone to pay a fee to cancel a service that they never agreed to. I pray to GOD that you do actually record the conversations so you can go back to early Feb when we were promised the channels that are not included in the package. Please let me know if there is anything you can do to remedy the situation. I understand nobody is perfect and mistakes are made but the consistency of these mistakes and lies are what have me concerned. I really just want a rational explanation for the way I have been treated.

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.