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Getting someone's attention at Verizon seems next to impossible. Scheduled an appointment with the local Verizon store (not affiliated). When I arrived, two lines (one home service second cell service, signs spelling that out were obscured by people standing in line) and one agent trying to sort out subjects of visits. After 10 minutes of waiting was directed to a second line for cell issues. Waited another 10 minutes. Agents finally comes over and asks for reason and I say I've got an appointment. No such appointment even though i show him the confirmation message. So we go to the Verizon app. After several attempts he finally says we have to empty queue. NO obvious directions on MYVerizon app. he goes off to another person in line and finally comes back to me. We try again with no luck. SO, after 35 minutes of trying to get through the doors for an already scheduled appointment, I leave in disgust. This isn't the first time I've had trouble with this store and customer relations. And now I've spent the better part of an hour trying to  find a way to get a complaint heard. PS. Don't try the phones. The maze there is even more confusing and likely as not won't result in any solution.

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