Extremely Poor Verizon Fios Customer Service

I guess Verizon is no longer interested in retaining long time customers.  The customer service experiences I've had since renewing my 2 year contract has been nothing but horrendous.  I've been promised many things over the phone and via their Customer Support chat (which I did keep transcripts of) regarding my services, which have later been changed or removed without my consent.  I've been a customer of Verizon for over 19 years now, and have never been treated like this before.  At first I was told that if I upgraded my Internet speed, that I would need new equipment, but that they would waive the installation fees since I've been a customer in good standing for so many years.  Of course this made me think, that "Wow! A company can really appreciate loyal customers".  On my first bill I saw that the charges had been waived, then on my second bill I see that the installation charges were put back on, so I called and they told me that there was "no note" on my account to indicate that the charges would be waived.  Well then why wasn't I charged on my first bill?  Then as recently as a few months ago, I received my bill and the charges went up again.  When I contacted Verizon support via chat, I was told that they would apply a discount to remove the additional charge, which on my next bill it was removed, but then on the bill after that it was back on.  I had explained to them that I had contracted with Verizon for 2 years at a certain price, and I expected them to honor that contract.  With a family of 4, I try to budget monthly to pay my bills, but I can't keep having my monthly Verizon bills fluctuate wildly, without knowing what I'm going to owe next month.  I thought this was the whole point of contracting with them for 2 years.  I have been back and forth with Verizon support where they keep changing my bill amount back and forth each month, always promising me that they've fixed the problem only to discover that in the next month the problem has truly not been fixed.  And again, I referred back to the previous chat transcripts that I've kept (since they apparently don't keep notes very well) when talking to the Verizon customer support rep, and they keep telling me oh sorry, we'll put that back on so that you are paying the correct amount.  The last rep that I talked to pretty much told me tough luck, and he wouldn't change it back, even though I had been promised that it would be added back on my account for the remainder of my contract term at least 2x before by the support rep on chat.  I guess that Verizon is not interested in retaining loyal customers, and therefore when my contract is up (or before if I get a better deal) I'll be leaving Verizon after 20+ years of customer loyalty.

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Re: Extremely Poor Verizon Fios Customer Service
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