Extremely Rude sales person

Glad the call was being recorded and someone may actually listen to it.

Yesterday I call teh sales line for few questions I had regarding my new service order. I did call the regular customer support but the IVR is so horrible it never got me to a real person and I couldn't get my questions answered.

After a few tries I decied to call the sales number to talk to a person.

I explained I had a few questions and I was short on time.

I asked why I was paying the same price for 100/100mbps as 150/150mbs? that was the first question.

The sales rep continued to tell me a long story about how all plans cost same upto 150mbps, I tried asking a second question but he kept cutting me off and continued with long winded story. Then told me that I should not have called them and called customer service and was **bleep** about it. Even though I told him why I did that.

I never got to ask the follow up question that why I can't get 150mbps or 300mbps, even though my neighborhood did have 300mbps just a month ago.

he kept cutting me off and said I am transfering you to customer service.

Verizon customer service is really horrible after they make the sale and you are stuck in the contract.

It turns out I will be paying a little more now for 100mbs download compared to what I had with the previous provider for 200mbs download.