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Yesterday @Verizonfios responded to my post @Randi_roozle that they would be willing to credit 4 days of service to my account. I watch on demand and game over weekends and I couldn't do either this weeekend. I was very iritated not being able to access everything for 4 days. Spotty WiFi aND no ether net and no on demand services on 3 set top boxes. The icing on the cake was updated invoice for a service repair fee. Since when do you charge when YOUR equipment is broken? Pretty sure you just crossed the line and we are done. This is exactly why I opted to stay out of a contract because of crappy support.

The other providers are looking good right about now. Such a shame because I've had limited to no problems for 4 years up until last 6 or so months.
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This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

Have you contacted support to see what they are billing you for?

Did they dispatch a technician to your house for repairs?

If so, what did he find/repair?

Not saying it is your fault or charge is valid?

That info will help determine if charge was proper.

For example (not saying this is true in your case):

If you had damaged ONT, they could charge a repair fee.

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As you are already in touch with Verizon, we would suggest you go back to that contact and discuss the bill with them.