Signed up for Fios in December 2021 with the promise of two $200 gift cards (one for TV, the other for internet).  When I tried to click on the web page "tile" to redeem in January, the system kept sending me back to the original page.  So I called their customer service "gift card redemption" number.  The representative put the redemptions through on February 4th, 2022.  She said it would be 30 business days until I received my cards.  Forty five days later, I was still waiting.  Called Verizon and was told there's a "glitch" in the system (I've heard that song-and-dance twice now).  Called again today (April 19th) and was told it will be another 30-45 days before my cards are sent.  That's four months!  Just what kind of con is Verizon running here?  Seems to me it's "let's keep the suckers hanging on, keep 'em paying their monthly bill and we'll hold onto their money a while longer".  I can't imagine the number of customers this company is about to lose through this bad faith bait-and-switch.  I sure know I won't be back.   Far as I'm concerned, Verizon Fios has failed to fulfill the promise made when I signed on.  They've breached their contract.  Think I'll contact the attorney general's office in my home state and make a few inquiries.

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Hi massboy33,

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