FInding trouble or repair ticket information
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First go to a Verizon Website and look for a tab or box that says "Search Site & Support"(near top)

Enter "trouble (or repair) ticket status" (no quotes) and click on the search button

There will be a list of info based responses (like a knowledge database)

Select the first one that says "Dial-up Internet - Check Trouble Ticket Status" (whether you have dial up or not)

In the new window that opens, look for "Check Trouble Ticket Status"

Under that heading, find a link to "Check Trouble Ticket Status" and click on it

A new window will open headlined "Verizon Trouble Shooter"

Beneath that, select " View Repair Request Status"

In next window, enter your phone number only and click on "Check Identity" button

You should next see a box or table with your ticket info

Beneath that are some options to get more info on your ticket

It took me over an hour of talking to Verizon and allowing the tech to do Remote Assist on my PC to show me where this was.  She needed that much time as she had to put me on hold a number of times to get more info.  And she was a supervisor!  Hope this works for you.

Re: FInding trouble or repair ticket information
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