Feedback on why cancelling

When I first signed on with Verizon, things were good. I have returned to Verizon in 2018. I have been having problems, going through 3 routers and two boxes. I have decided to cancel due to unreliable service. Another problem is the price. Why pay almost $180.00 for channels I rarely watch? Why pay that much for no premium channels when I can stream. The bundle is not worth it with the problems I constantly have with the service. I don’t watch TV much. I only watch a few channels and it doesn’t make sense to pay all this money for channels that I don’t use. For that reason alone, I am going with another company for internet only, with faster internet speed and almost half the price. It doesn’t pay to get the bundle. I don’t need a landline as I have a cell phone. I don’t need the cable channels as I have streaming. I don’t need the premium channels as I have fire stick in case I want to catch a movie. This bundle madness just doesn’t make sense.

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