Your system has a crap ton of issues and no one seems to be able to resolve them...starting to feel like if your company and system can't handle basic ordering issues, and this basic system is this bugged, then you probably can't handle any real issues and your actual service might be total crap...I'm a pretty patient person but at this point I'm strongly considering alternate providers like Cox just to avoid the multiple headaches I've now incurred just trying to establish service with you all.

UPDATE: I couldn't even submit the above as feedback after an online chat because the "Submit" button would not function- love the irony- another example of the failure of Verizon to be able to handle simple issues. This doesn't bode well.

To others in the community: I think my fiance and I will officially be cancelling our order and switching to Cox since even the start up has proven to be this troublesome. Literally I'll just use the school's internet or sit in a freaking Starbucks for hours if it comes to it because EVEN THAT now appears to be less painful- not to mention less costly.

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Re: Feedback

Amazing thing with your whole post is “YOU NEVER SAID WHAT YOUR ISSUES ARE OR WERE” 

coming here bashing the company without giving them a chance is crazy.

most people here are very happy with their service. Maybe Cox or another provider will be more to your liking. It’s not good to get service with a company you don’t feel can accommodate you.