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I need to file a complaint about trying to transfer our phone number from our old house to our new house.  It started with being told we could transfer our serivce and keep our number, which was incorrect.  Verizon doesn't offer Fios in our new neighborhood. 

After visisting  the verizon store to discuss transfering the service, my husband returned our equiptment to another location and at that time they canceled our service without telling us.  So, we were unable to transfer the new number to our new provider.

After spending at least an hour on the phone talking to customer service, who wouldn't turn the service back on without charging an installation fee, a manager finally agreed to do it and set up a service order.  After not hearing anything for a few days, we called customer service again.  After being on hold for 5 hours (and I have a picture of the cell phone), we were told they put the wrong year on the service order so a new one, and a new account had to be created.  We then spent another 2 hours on the phone with another customer service rep.  As our session on the phone ran longer than allowed, he would have us hang up and call us back.

We then had to get service reinstalled at our old house, including internet access, and you can't just instate phone service.  Plus a technician had to come out to house to reinstall services we never cancled and install a modem we won't use.  Weeks prior to that Verizon cacneled service with the flip of a switch, but have to send out a technican to reinstall it a few weeks later.

We have now been able to get our phone switched to our new provider and will be returning the new modem (that we've had for 10 days in an emply house) and cancel our service.

It's very furstrating the process we have gone through for something that should have been simple.   The fact that we have to pay to reinstall a service we never requested to be canceled and the amount of time we spent on the phone and in customer service centers trying to get this straightened out was unacceptable.

Please let me know who I can contact to file this complaint.

Re: File a complaint
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.