Filing complaint, or emailing customer service. Why does it not exist.

Ive been a fios customer since March 2016. Not long, but it has been the absolute worst 4 months. I was at the point where I had Time Warner set to come out and install service to cancel verizon, but I was mistakingly convinced to stay. 

I do not think there has been more than 3 weeks where I have not had an issue with the service, customer service, shipping, orders, or even the order that was screwed up when they got me to stay with them. 

This started with me signing up for your services. I signed up for what was quicikly available online, included free HBO for a year. Turns out it was just Fios Local TV, so i went to upgrade to Fios Custom TV, and lost the HBO deal. Super frustrating. Give you more money, and you take stuff away. Awesome. 

Then I got the network extender, or at least tried. I was never shipped the first because the order didnt go through, although I was charged for it, and the 2nd one (it was finally refunded on the 2nd following bill). 

After that, I got an email to sign up for the tripple play at a discounted rate. I wasnt in a contract at the time, so I called and tried to sign up for the package, and 3 chat windows, and a phone call later - they all told me the same thing. I had to cancel my service, and call the day after to resign up. **bleep**? I get an email with an advertisement, Not only can I not take advantage of it, but youll let me cancel for free, have you pay me to ship all my equipment back, then you will send someone out the next day to reinstall everything I just took out, and supply new Fios Fiber equipment? Didnt make sense to me, but thats what happened. A few days before my disconnect, I received a call. Saying they will give me the new package deal after all if I stayed. Perfect- thats all I wanted. Call Time Warner, cancel their install, and wait for Verizon to come out and install it again.  

This is where stuff went...dumb (again).  June 28th I did the TV/Internet/Phone package upgrade. Internet and Phone went through, but the TV did not. I have spent hours on the phone, and chat sessions with the customer service people, only to be told they had to send someone out. for a service that was just installed, and was working perfectly - except I was still only receiving the Fios Local TV and not the Custom TV + Sports. So I finally did your job for you, and looked at my bill. Its amazing how a simple, easily accessable document can solve an issue, that you were OK with sending someone out to my house to fix. Telling the story wont do it justice, so heres the entire chat log in my next post. 

I am hoping (fingers crossed, almost an hour so we'll see) the issue is resolved. But my reason for this post, is to just ask you guys to stop taking advantage of customers. I still have a couple days to cancel my service for no charge, and im so **bleep** close. The idea that the customers should feel privlaged to be able to use verizon as a service provider, and not verizon being privlaged to have us as customers is insane, and while the other option TWC might not be a whole lot better, at least I never hated myself and had to convince myself to continue to use their services. This is just one. I have all of my others saved as well, because they are just as ridiculous as this.