Fios Customer Compaint - Very confusing and fraud pricing for Verizon contracts

I have used Verizon for few years. Except for a small gap in between where my apartments didn't have Verizon fios. In my new home I have had verizon for 2+ years (since Nov. 2015). The first 2 years I have had a Fios contract and got 50/50 mbps for $39.99/month. ANd after about 1 year Verizon sent me a offer for $5 additional charge to upgradeto 75/75 mbps, so I took the offer for $44.99/month . The agent on call said I have to renew new 2 year contract, I said ok. But after 1 year my Verizon bill was suddenly changed to $89.9 from $44.99. You can see Verizon doubled the price without any notice. I wish I had a trascript of the call or saved the email the agent said to prove that the price was supposed to unchnaged until Nov 2018. I called verizon, but they offered a new 2 year contract and the price for 75/75 mbps was $64.99. Still $20 more than what I paid a month before. Seems totally unfair to me even if I ignore what was promised to me. They give offers to only new customers, makes sense. But to charge 50% more to existing loyal customers is totally unfair. I finally tool the $54.99 for 50/50 mbps for now since I couldn't argue with the agent and I didn;t want to pay $90 for just internet. I tried calling back the agent today, but the agent was adamant to even talk about this. I can say for sure there are so many residents in the same community I live who pay much less than what I pay. So not sure why so much variation with pricing across customers. Any suggestions on what I can do about this?

Re: Fios Customer Compaint - Very confusing and fraud pricing for Verizon contracts
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Not much.

Couple of items:

1) Just because you get a 2 year contrract, not all discounts last for 2 years. Need to study the T&Cs when you get a contract. Should be laid out in email or on screen as to when discounts expire.

2) all service providers give new customers a better deal than existing customers. Thought is that a large percentage of customers don't both to change after their initial contract expires. So once they get you, they have you.