Fios Customers Service Unsatisfactory

Been a wireless customer for years. It is outstanding how horrible the Quality of Fios “customer service” is compared to wireless. Spoke with agent regarding my past due balance (totally my fault, which I get- but life happens). She assured me services would not be disconnected and someone would call me back about payment. Woke up next morning and they were disconnected. Paid to get them reconnected and have a reconnect fee on my bill (although I discussed this with multiple agents) and have yet to receive a call back.

Billing Customer Service opens at 8am (most people have jobs- and are traveling o work at this time) and closes before I am even home from work.

Excessive wait time (which is why I cannot call when at work- I have spent 40 minutes on hold only to get in touch with no one)

Not available on weekends (so if hours are constricted during week and wait time is too long to call at work, assuming I need to keep my job to pay the bill- when am I supposed to do this?)

No calls back (all above options are exhausted so there is no last resort)

“Customer Service” is not for customer at all- it should be called “Company Service” as it seems like this is not for customers assistance, but just a feature they have so they can say they have live support.

Re: Fios Customers Service Unsatisfactory

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.