Fios Installation Nightmare
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I am a long time customer and was moving into my new house May 1.  Scheduled my new install back in March when everything was set.

Install was set for the next day, May 2 from 8-11.  Around 10:30, nothing from Verizon.  I call and they rescheduled my appointment, without telling anyone.  So I wasted a day waiting.  Call the service, they tell me my next appointment would be on May 17th.  That's some customer service for you!

Though many calls they did show up, but only after I told them to cancel my service.  So that's the kind of service it takes.

3 tripes later, they finished but only after much hand holding and negoation.  They had to bury my line into the ground, which they then sliced my other lines going into the house.  Told me the "fixed" it but will have actual professionals come and repair.

If you are installing Verizon Fios over the next few months please don't.  These people that come out are terrible and I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the treatment I received.  While I m under contract still I will honor that, but will look to switch out once this ends.  I will not be recommending this service to any of my friends going forward. Such a waste of my time the last week, unnecessary with the stress of moving with this on top of it.