Fios TV & Internet Service

I'm extremely dissatisfied with my Verizon Fios service.  I have had channels that I am paying for listed as "temporarily not available", only to proceed through the verifying my plan to reauthorizing my channel to rebooting my set top box and none of it resolves my problem.  Also, the buffering of Netflix makes it completely un-watchable due to frequent and long periods of buffering, which completely ruins the viewing experience.  I have had to fiddle with Verizon's technology just to enjoy the services I've paid for, and I feel now like it was a mistake to change from Cox Cable, despite the cheaper price for two years.  If the problems continue I'll discontinue my service, return to Cox, and share my Verizon experience widely through Facebook, and other internet forums so that I may warn others of the performance shortcomings related to Verizon FIOS.


Kurt {edited for privacy}

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