Fios taking advantage of an existing customer (me)
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I’ve experienced multiple issues.  I’ve had Fios for about ten years, and my last contract included the “lifetime DVR”.  When my contract expired in October 2018, I received a notice stating I could renew and retain my current monthly rate.  I spent time selecting the cheapest options possible and scheduled a technician. I then saw the total bill would result in another $192 a year due to FIOS not allowing me to retain my lifetime “DVR”.  Also, the new deal had another price increase: I needed to spend $200 up front for a new router.  Keeping my “lifetime” DVR, my existing 50MB speed and FIOS router were not options. I cancelled the scheduled technician.  I called customer service and received the same deal information. I was told my bill without a contract would not increase until  January.    I was then charged an extra $16 in November and December.   I contacted Verizon via chat and was told I was incorrect and my bill had not increased. I double checked and spoke to Verizon a few weeks later and was told that the person in December like we only checked one month in the past and that I should have specified that additional months should have been checked. On January 28  I was told I would Receive a credit of $16 for my January bill.   The odds are that I will not receive this credit.  It has been frustrating that my rates increase and past deals are not honored. I have one week to decide whether to save money with another company.  I was told by two Fios representatives that I cannot keep the rate I had for my last contract, but that the lifetime DVR cannot be used anymore unless I skip having a contract and pay an extra $192 a year.