Fix your webiste already! Every update gets progressively worse!
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We are getting inundated with Spam phone calls every day, sometimes, even waking us up ridiculously early. We don't answer 3/4 of them because we know they are no message hang ups.

Here's the thing... In order to BLOCK these low lives, we have to log in to Verizon, and as usual, answer th security questions, followed by the usual password. It now brings us to a useless summary page of recent activity. Then we have to click again retrreive the entire list of recent calls. followed by a drop down menu to select incoming calls (which don't show the phone # unless we mouse over). Now we have to click on the phone number, then select "BLOCK" , then add to to the block list.

OK,  it was bad before, but it's been updated it, not even working correctly. After the mutltiple annoyances to block a #, you hit save, it now does nothing - 3 different browsers. In addition, you would think in this day and age, we can MULTI-select numbers instead of this one by one PlaySkool approach. Oh, and to boot, it sluggish and has been for years. Please, hire new web designers already. Ones who know there are humans who will be using this service.

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