Free Showtime - Adding Additional Services?

Received a call today letting me know I'm a "valued customer" and am being offered Showtime free for 3 months. After receiving a confirmation email I took a look at my estimated next bill and saw a nearly 10% increase in my estimated bill.

After wasting an hour on the phone it was determined the agent added additional services such as an unlisted phone number to my account.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

As I spoke to the agent that removed the additional services that were added despite never being discussed, I was just told it was "odd these services were added in the same order". They couldn't explain why or how changes were made to my phone services despite only a free TV promotion being discussed on my prior call. They did not provide any reassurances on looking into why such an underhanded act was completed. Really leaves me questioning continuing my services with Verizon.