Free Tablet Scam
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I was told I would get a free tablet or up to $200 off one when signing up for FIOS. The sales agent mentioned that it could be activated with a data plan for $10 a month. I specifically asked if it was required to sign up for a plan, and was told it was told no, that I could get the tablet without the plan. Since all of their calls are recorded, I am going to do my best to make them honor this, but I'm also filing a complaint with the Public Utilities Commision in my state as well. From reading other posts it seems I'm not the only one who was lied to.

Re: Free Tablet Scam

I am a senior.   Thought it was a free tablet.  Free is free.  Not a contract.  I only thought phones had a contract.  Did I learn fast.  You can use your wi- fi at home to use the tablet.  That's what I wanted.   Signed.  That was wrong.  Went back the next day.   Asked if I could buy the tablet.  Said yes then said no only for the free customers.  Then got pressured by the clerk and the manager.  Only 20 a month.  Have to pay 70 for a restocking fee.  After a LONG gouing around.  Me almost in tears.  I gave in my credit card.  Paid the fee.  Much disgusted with Verizon.  Dissapointed to say the least.