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We called on 12/21 to get information regarding a mailing offering locked in pricing for 3 years of Fios Triple Play, including the new Fios Quantum. I was initially not interested as I have heard lots of negative reviews reguarding Quantum and it not working. My husband spoke to a representative that talked him into the program and reported that Quantum would be worthwhile. He agreed, with the understanding that if we did not like it we could cancel within 14 days. 

We received our new router a day or two later and have attempted on three occasions, with several different types of devices (iPhone, chromebook, windows desktop) to set up the new internet and have been totally unable to. Already unhappy with the Quantum service my husband called today, 12/26, to request to cancel the new triple play and return to our old plan. He was told rather rudely that that could not be done. We could drop the Quantum and new package, but our bill would remain the same increased price as our old plan was no longer being offered. Apparently we had been "grandfathered in" even though the plan was only a year old. Even though we were supposed to have that plan for another year now we can't go back to it. 

We were told we could cancel within 14 days, I guess that means we'll use the next 9 days to look into our other television and internet options. I am very unhappy with this misleading tactic, telling someone they can drop the new plan but not informing them that they will be unable to go back to the same old plan they had. I am very disappointed by the customer service we have received. Not to mention there isn't even a way to complain about the terrible customer service. 

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You generally have 14 days to back out of an agreement with Verizon.  Not sure how this applies in your case, and whether you can go back to your previous agreement.  One would think you could enforce the old agreement based on your dissatisfaction with the new one. Get the name of a manger and write a letter.  Send it certified mail.  You may want to drop by one of verizon's retail outlets and discuss it in person.  Remind them that this one contract is worth thousands of dollars to Verizon.  (Ever add up your 10 year cost for Telecommunication Services?) Mention arbitration as a possible avenue you are willing to pursue if not satisfied with the result.  I'd use the wording "I want my previous argreement reinstated".  Be firm.  If you're treating Verizon's employees well and they're not doing the same for you, speak with a manager.  Don't ask the person giving you static to speak with a manager, instead, make an second call and get the manager on the line and explain the issue with the contract (not the issue with the employee... some things are best treated by ignoring them)  Keep the focus on you the customer and your problem.

Good luck.  Let us know how you make out.