Getting access to new customer deals

My 2 year contract is about to end. If I cancel my service and move back to Comcast, how long do I have to wait before I can get access to the deals offered to new Verizon customers ?

Re: Getting access to new customer deals
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The absurd thing is that you actually have to do that.  Either that or you cancel your account and put it in someone elses name immidiately and then you can take advantage of the new bundles.  I've spent hours looking over the HORRIBLE verizon website trying to rid myself of the triple play and it won't allow me to in the end.  You would think that a company as large as Verizon would want to keep the customers that are with them as Happy especially if their accounts have always been in good standing with no late payments ever.  This unfortunately is not the case.  I for one like the product/service but I hate the Customer Service Aspect and their lack of caring about us said customers.  For once it would be nice if they would actually reward US for a change.  Wishful thinking.....