Gift Card

Signed up for Fios Tv and internet, was told I'd receive a $250 Verizon wireless gift card after 90 days. I called to see where it was and was told that I was not eligible since I did not have triple play when the sales rep clearly said I would receive one for the services I ordered. I asked them to pull the sales call and of course they said they do not record sales calls, and the gift card was not part of my sales agreement I was sent. Customer service basically made me feel unimportant as a customer and had an attitude that they did not care about the apparent deceit from the sales rep. Very poor customer service. I will be taking my wireless and tv/internet to another provider. From the number of complaints on this forum I can see this is a very common issue. 

Re: Gift Card

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.