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I left Verizon's phone service approximately 3 years ago after the worst customer service experience in my life.  Then, I returned only so that we could bundle and save money as a family.  I still find Verizon customer service shocking.  Lately, we have been having problems with our internet speed - slow to no internet.  Given that we pay over $400 for our bundle, you would think that we could at least get our laptops to connect to Google or Alexa to give us the forecast. Not without internet. 

So, Speedtest.net would not even work in the morning, when we finally got it to work, it showed speeds less than 20 mbps.  First, you always have to be on hold with Verizon customer service no matter the reason for your call for at least 10 minutes, but usually over 30 minutes.  Second, they will always ask you to fix the problem yourself with their canned instructions and then disconnect.  SO, YOU HAVE TO START THE PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!  Verizon customer service sucks.  If it were not for my spouse, we would not have any product with this company.  However, they give military discounts, bundled discounts, and other discounts - so, we trade lower cost for bad quality.  In this case though, I think that this may be the point when the bad customer service coupled with the bad quality may have us leaving this horrific customer experience.  And, yes Verizon, I know you forgot what the word customer means, but a customer is a person that helps your business.  Hopefully, this and the other several hundred grumbles will convince more people to leave this company and let it learn its lesson the hard way.

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This is a peer to peer support forum.

have you tried support via twitter? @verizonsupport

they have been helpful to me in the past.

find it interesting that you pay over $400 for FiOS bundle? I am pretty maxed out (except foreign channels) and pay less than $275 all inclusive.