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I have had and continue having an incredibly frustrating and exasperating experience with Verizon Fios customer service. I initially contacted Fios when moving to a new home.  While comparing services/companies Fios promised a competitor's rate.  I accepted that verbal agreement and asked for a tech to come and install vs self-install as the previous owners of the house had wiring in bizarre locations and the wires needed to be moved.  An appointment was set up for the following Saturday.  A box for self-install was sent to my home even though I did not request it and needed a tech to move wires as noted above (the first of many errors by customer service).  There was a no show that day and three additional rescheduled days before the final installation was done, ten days later on the fifth scheduled appointment, after the initial agreement to service.  After each “no show” appointment, I called customer service for explanation and was guaranteed a new tech appointment. However, each time (four rescheduled appointments) there was a “no show”.   During two of the four “no show” customer service calls I was guaranteed a $10.00 a month discount (total of twenty) for the inconvenience.  The last customer service call after the final “no show” quoted my bill as $116.00 a month.  This would be reflected by the $10.00 a month discount, for twelve months, to match the competition, and the two additional $10.00 a month ($20.00) for the contract for the “no shows”. 

I was SHOCKED when I got my bill.  The only discount was the original $10.00 a month for the competitor matching discount.  I called Fios right way for an explanation and correction.  When speaking with the first customer service rep, he “checked the notes” and did see many missed appointments, however, no additional $10.00 x2 discounts.  What?!!!  I reiterated the previous conversations with the numerous customer service reps and the discounts they made on my account.  He could find nothing about discounts in the notes!  I was SHOCKED, FRUSTRATED, ANNOYED and HURT.  Verizon Fios had lied to me!  First were the lies about techs coming to the house (took five appointments) and now  lies about no additional discounts that were promised me due to the missed appointments!

The customer service rep offered me a onetime $50.00 discount from my bill. I thanked him for the offer, but I was insistent that the previous calls and promised discounts was what I wanted and what I was PROMISED!  I wanted my bill to reflect the $116.00 a month that I was quoted.  It was the right thing for Verizon to do, keep their promise, quote, integrity and a new customer who has had up to this point, nothing but let downs and apparently lies from customer service.  Insisting that the original quote of discounts through my “no show” tech appointments be applied, I asked to speak to a supervisor.  I was put through to the Call Manager.

I, again, reiterated the long history of “no shows”, phone calls to customer service and the discounts that customer service said would be applied to my account.  The call manager checked my “notes” and said that the best he could do was apply a onetime $20.00 discount to my bill.  What?!!!  I reviewed, again, the promises that were made to me.  He said that 2 of the 4 “no shows” of techs were recorded as “customer not home”.  What?!!  That never happened.  He said,  “the service request were made for 4pm or after”, yes, I said, that is correct.  As I had already taken two days off from work for the first two “no shows”, customer service had reached out to dispatch to specifically request a 4pm or later appointment for me.  One of the customer service reps I was on the phone with had me hold until he personally spoke to a dispatcher to guarantee a 4pm or later appointment.  I was on the phone with that rep for an hour and a half, but was assured the tech would be at my home the next day between 4-8pm! And guess what, another “no show” happened.  I was in tears!  The frustration of wanting internet and TV and not getting it, taking off multiple days of work (and docked pay!) and still not getting installation and now a Call Manager challenging me on what happened, “customer not home” vs the truth of “tech appointment made and still a “no show”, was beyond irritating.  He also said there was no “notes” of additional discounts and that there was no way a rep could apply that.  Did the customer service rep lie to me to placid me?  I am now HORRIFIED that I am being humiliated by a Call Manager who is acting annoyed that I am retelling the terrible story of customer service I received and that I am insisting that I was last quoted a $116.00 cost for my monthly service.  The $30.00 monthly discounts were detailed to me as 1.) $10.00 a month discount to match competitors’ rate of 79.99 a month for 12 months 2.)$10.00 a month discount for “no show” tech appointment given to me twice(2 out of 4 no shows), totaling $20.00 a month discount for the contract. 

I asked the call manager for his supervisor, I was told he had none.  I reiterated, again, my disappointment in customer service and in not getting what I was promised due to all the frustration, loss of pay (days taken off for appointments/no shows) and getting the “run around” from Fios.  I told the call manager I would be taking these issues to Verizon management.  I wanted management to know how poor customer service was and that they were in fact lying to customers.  I told the call manager I would take the $50.00 off my current bill offer the customer service rep, which transferred me to him, offered.  He said he couldn’t do that and the best he could do was the current offer of $20.00 off the current bill.  I asked how he could withdrawal an offer that was just made minutes ago.  He told me “how do I know the customer service rep made that offer”.  What?!!! Was he calling me a liar?!  I am now beyond frustrated, in fact, in tears, again.  How could a “manager” be so obtuse?! Was I not clear of the terrible situation I endured to get service?  Was I not clear about the promises that were made to me (did customer service lie to me?)?  I told the Call Manager I wanted what was promised to me and I would be taking my experience to someone in higher management.  We ended the call.

I tried once again to reach out to customer service; explained my situation and ask for what was promised.  Again, they “checked the notes” and replied no discounts were recorded.  I said that a $10.00 discount was applied to my first bill and it is my belief that it represented the “matching the competitors’’ discount “offer. The rep affirmed that the $10.00 was a discount that would be applied for 12 months, but no other discounts were recorded.  Getting smarter, I asked for her to email me this information, she said, only purchase offers could be emailed.  I asked if my “notes” could be sent to me; she said, no.  So, there is no way to verify what has been said to the customer and the “notes” are subjective, unilateral.  The customer has no way to verify the “notes”.  There is no email that can be sent for confirmation of conversations.  This is not good business.  Any information can be written in the “notes” without verification, calibration with the customer.  Therefore, anything the customer service rep says to the customer can never be verified.  A lie to pacify the customer, as may well have been said to me, will never make it to the notes and discounts will not be applied as promised.

I want what I was promised.  The initial frustration, upset and irritation to get service installed to the equal upset in dealing with customer service, call management and billing has been an unsatisfactory, if not, humiliating experience.  Where are your allegiances?  Are your customers valuable to you?  Are you standing by your promises?  I want to know.  Who is in charge....  Phone numbers, addresses, I want a Verizon Executive response!

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Hi sarajkoz,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.