I was nervous about moving my services to my new address since the last time I moved with Verizon internet services was an horrible experience. The customer service representatives set up a new account resulting in TWO active accounts being opened. After a million phone calls, some how this was resolved. For this move, I used the online services available to upgrade my services and sign on for another two years. I called in when I realized that I set "self installation" instead of having a techncian coming out to assist me. I made the arrangements with the customer service person thinking that I was good to go. I WAS WRONG. I received an email regarding some credit hold on my account. I called AGAIN and gave the representative the "tracking number" only to be told that there is nothing on the account reflecting the hold, BLAH, BLAH so she transferred me to another department. This next girl gave me the impression that she knew what she was doing and advised me that everything looked good on the account and there should NOT be any issues. I expressed me concerns about getting service etc since I have classes coming up, she seemed to completely understand. She promised that she will note my account and if I called back to confirm Saturdays appointment, it will all be there. I called back today and OF COURSE I was able to speak with a woman name Erica who was VERY RUDE. It seemed as though I was disturbing her from chit chatting. I tried to confirm my appointment AGAIN but she stated that she doesnt see anything noted. I asked for a supervisor and was advised that a "supervisor" is just a title and she proceeded to put my on a long hold. She comes back to the line to say that I'm NOT SET FOR A TECH!!!!!!!! But of course she "updated" the ticket so someone will be there. I wanted to be put at ease about signing up again but the level of service I received has been a disaster AGAIN. It seems as though the departments dont communicate and all the information is convoluted. This practice is unacceptable and I would be dismissing the representatives for the lack of professionalism that has been displayed throughout this process.