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Worst customer service ever!! VERY rude reps!!! . I have been with Verizon for many years!! I recently switched my serice because the price was much cheaper and the customer service there is AWESOME!! I called Verizon yesterday because it wouldn't allow me to pay my last bill amount online. The charges were $13.13. They told me I had to pay an additional $3.50 to pay my bill by phone. I refused. After 1 hr and 5 customer reps (one who flat out refused to let me speak to a supervisor). I finally spoke to a rep who reduced my bill by $5 plus tax. Seriously, for all the years I was a customer they can't just credit me the remaining $7.41? Verizon calls with the automated questions on how their rep treated you and of course I asked for a return call because I would LOVE to tell them how I was treated. Will I get a return call?? Doubt it!!. Verizon you treat your customers HORRIBLY!! You should be ashamed. I was a loyal customer for many years and to be treated with the disrespect I got yesterday is beyond professional!! I surely will let me friends and relatatives know, as word of mouth travels quickly!! Come on Verizon give me a call if u really care!!


I absolutely agree - the Verizon customer service is incompetent and rude! I am seriously considering terminating the contract because they can’t get their customer service better. Turns out the people that sell Verizon to you on the phone are from Ohio, where they actually even don’t have FIOS available so they have no clue what they are talking about.

My story - we signed up for Verizon first in 2009. The service was great and the prices were reasonable. we always had issues with our internet for some reason but other than that everything else was fine. Then all of a sudden after 2 years and some moths we have a new neighbor move in our apartment building and by accident gives them our apartment number. This turns out to be a huge fiasco as he realizes he had the wrong address and then cancelled his contract on that address  (mind you - he was able to cancel our service). We call back and after several explanations and almost tears from my part finally get to talk to supervisors supervisors who understand the issue and actually are able to rectify the problem and give us our service back without penalties!!!!(can yo believe they penalized us?!) and also we do get compensated with some gift cards. We are also promised a special rate until the end of our contract ( left 5 months or so)  GREAT! Then we move and somehow get sucked into a new contract instead of being able to move the old service and the great deal over. Oh well the difference was about 20 USD and after we brought up the issue, we finally did end up with the free premium channel package for a couple of months and a special rate thereafter. The common nominator here is that unless you get to speak to the supervisor's supervisors you will have to waste hours of your time and nerves to keep explaining your problem over and over and over again and most of the customer reps are ignorant, condescending and rude

Now we just ended our second 2 year agreement and were shopping for a renewal deal. In the mean while we have had a mediocre service especially lately - the FIOS box constantly freezes and has issues loading the internet is consistently poor. But still we are willing to find out what our options are as my husband does enjoy his sports and HBO. Again same thing - no one cares! There are no incentives for being a loyal customer! After a second try