HORRIBLE cust expirience

I just had the worse cust service I have had in years KIM, from tech support was so rude and was unable to give me the simple info that I needed. she kept speaking over me, shutting me up and questioning my inteligence. at one point I told her I pray to God this call is recorded so she can hear what she sounds like, to which she responded she's fine. ultimatley I asked to speak to a manager she said "sure" and smirked; "somone will call you in an hour" with no faith that someone would call me back i told her I would wait she argued with me for 10 more min and I told her listen to yourself, your speaking over me youre soo rude, is this wahat you think service is? and magically somone was available they would call me now. I gave her my number and asked for her to repeat it she could not. i gave it to her again and she repeated it wrong i gave it to her again and she got it wrong. the fourth time she finallt got it and said someone was calling me right now and hung up. someone called me almost 20 min later. BAD BAD BAD SERVICE and I am now looking for a new provider