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I am so discusted with my service its not funny.  Few years ago. my house was destroyed by hurricane Irene I had placed my service on hold for about 6 months till we rebuilt the house.  when we moved back in we called to reinstate our service.   they told us we couldnt get the same deal. even though I told them our service was on hold. they pretty much said sorry and I had to work a new deal with verizon. Which is not my favorite thing to do.  It usually requires a lot of energy and time which I am short on both. Since then I have been slowely losing more and more services and somehow paying more and more out of pocket. i have been with verizon since 2007. I loved them in the beginning but slowely they seem to be like everyone else on the block. Today a  weekend  The only real time I have to call verizon and spend and hour on the phone with them. Im told the A. cancelation department is not availble on the weekends and this elite team to help me is only availble from 8am to 6pm monday to friday. no offense to verizon but to pay the fios bill i have to work and spending and hour on the phone when im working, well i am pretty sure my emploer wouldnt much appreciate it.  I use to pay a certain amount which i thought fair and was comparable to everyone else for all the movie channels.  I have verizon fios TV internet and phone.  so What I assumed was reasonable.  Now i pay 35 percent more for a quarter of the movie channels. my mother who is also a long time fios customer has the all the movie channels world phone whate every that is and one more cable box then I do and pays less and Im the one who switched her from cablevision at the time. Now living here in fairfield NJ  I am really close to switcing to Xfinity who has offered me a better deal with faster internet speed and all the channels i use to have for cheaper then what verizon gives me.  Really verizon no one who could help on the weekends.  by the time i get home you guys would have 30 minutes and that probobly going to be the wait time to speak with someone until the tell me to call back tomorrow.  I called today sunday.  even spoke to a supervisor I asked can someone please help me out..  He says sorry nothing we can do.  I asked can I cancel right now then?  Sorry you have to call back Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.  Anything else i can do for you.  I told him you havent done anything.  only thing i can do on the weekend is pay my bill pretty much.  Thanks verizon for nothing. 

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A new deal is often better than an existing customer deal. However begin on hold you may not be eligible.

I regular put my service on hold and certain things stay while you on hold but move closer to expiration date, and other things expire.

And unfortunately billing is still old fashion Business hours as you discovered.

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