Here we go again!

Two years ago when I renewed the Fios Bundle package I had an issue with Verizon raising my monthly bill each month until I filed a complaint.  The agreed upon rate was not what I was receiving.  Once the Verizon Executive Relations Team contacted me and worked out a feasible package I was satisfied.  Two years forward....I knew my montly bill would be getting higher once my package was expiring so I called and got a good deal on a 2 yr renewal package with 3 STB and 2 Digital Adapters.   I had noticed that On-Demand movies, especially Premium, were HD so I wasn't able to watch them.  I contacted Customer Service and spoke to an agent about trading in one of my adapters for an HD STB.  The trade off price would be an increase of $4 per month.  I picked up the HD Box at a Verizon store and returned one digital adapter.   I was being charged $18.99 for 3 standard STB and $7.99 each for the adapters.   When I received my next bill (May) I saw that Verizon cancelled my 3 STBs and then reinstated them at a higher charge (+$5) per month.  When I had chatted with an agent to order the HD box, I had asked if there would be any increase other than the difference for the HD box and was told no.  There was no warning or info about the increase in the charge for STBs.  The order notice I received did not show the increase, however, I now have it and am not happy about it.  Verizon said one thing and did something else.  When I went to my order details to check on the information, it is no longer available.  I did, however, make a copy before the info was deleted.  I contacted Customer Service about the increase from what was quoted and was told nothing could be done about it.  Seems like I've heard that store before.  Are there any thoughts on getting a resolution?

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why not contact executive escalations again? You did keep the number, I hope?

that would be your best course of action.

Good Luck