Horrible Customer Experiience

First call, i held for like 20 minutes, had to verify way too much including providing an emial account to contat me.  when I advised you have it, she said she didn't....it is a verion account...duh.  Then she says she can't help me, but call this number. Do I have a pen?  I advise no.  I was in the middle of a field.  I ask if she can transfer me, and she advised no, but gave me the number.  it was an easy number so I dialed it myself.  Thanks for wasting my time.

After I long hold listening to the music loop over and over,  I got a person, I think named Chris.  Chris was NOT helpful,  No, I dont have my account number, I am not at home.  Then he cant help me.  I asked for a supervisor, and he refused no less than 12 times.  He told me he didnt see why I had to be so upset.  I had been on the phone 40 minutes by now, I was UPSET.  Chris disconnects the call.

I call back and finally the lady answers my question and it is over.

I have phone, internet and tv with Verizon....but probably not for long.  Your first two associates had NO skills.  Do you not hire people who have common sense, the ability to understand simple issues and who actually care to work for their salaries?  Do you supervisors understand that without customers, they wont have jobs? Do you not understand that I will use your company as an example over and over and over and over.....you get the point....for how not to treat paying customers.  I will then advise who DOES give good service.....every time customer service is mentioned FOREVER.

Right now, my stories consist of consistently awesome Chickfila and ALWAYS polite and helpful T-Mobile.  Your company will certainly spice up my stories after today.

So I finally get home today, and I see a Dish Network truck parked on my street.  Clearly one of my neighbors is smart than I am and has chosen to skip the Verizon drama.