Horrible Customer Service
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I have been a verizon customer for 9 years and am so disgusted with customer NON service that I am ready to switch. 18 months ago I had to fight a battle to remove the home phone service from my account after the "contract" was over. It took over 5 phone calls to get an agent to finally remove it. I then "signed" a new 2 year contract for the Double Play. About 8 months later I moved literally 1/2 mile down the road and miraculously, the same Double Play contract I had just signed was "not available" so I was forced by the company to "sign" a new 2 year "contract" for services that supposivley included the exact same thing I had (which by the way, it does not). Fast forward 14 months: I wanted to see the current price for the actual services I had prior to my move and went on-line to check it. That package that I had prior to my move is literally the exact same price I pay now for less service. So I called customer service to inquire why I, as a customer for over 9 years, would have to pay $20 more a month for the same service than what a "new" customer would pay. I have now spent three more phone calls and one chat session with the most horrible customer service I have ever had to endure. My first phone call was sent to sales that immediately informed me that they could not assist me since I am already a verizon customer. That individual transferred me to customer service who ironically was "not available" until the next day, so the computer told me to chat on-line with a representative or call back after 8 the next day, and hung up on me. I joined a chat with "Howard" who clearly did not speak English ("please I share with you current deal I give you"), literally copied from the chat.That of course went no where so I patiently waited until today to get an actual human being. First agent wanted to "help me" by giving me the "best price available" which was $30 a month more. She then wanted to "cut me a deal" to make it only $20 a month more since I have a "contract" and was a "loyal" customer and she "couldn't even give new customers that deal". I quoted her the pricing from verizon's own website which is exactly what I pay now to the penny. She then informed me that she does not have access to the online pricing so I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor immediately had an attitude with me and informed me that if I wanted the current price for that package, I would have to cancel my services, pay an early cancellation fee, return all equipment, and then I could sign up for the current packages, but if I move, my contract is over. What a way to treat your customers of 9 years verizon. 10 months left on this "contract" of your services unless I move to my rental property 1/2 mile down the road. Then you'll give me the better services as a "new" customer at the same price for less services as a "loyal" customer.