Horrible Service

I left FIOS about a year ago due to their terrible customer service. Many feature of FIOS are better than Comcast, but their service is terrible. Now I am moving and figure I would give them another shot and shop for new service. Well, their overall plans are manipulative and their sales reps are worse!

Why is it that only their most expensive plan has ESPN HD?! Probably the most popular sports network. Lessor plans have ESPN 2 HD the networks second channel not it's lead. I can only believe this is for one reason. To try and manipulate the customer to buy the more expensive package. OR as the sales rep kept insisting I do buy a bonus package to add on.

No other cable or satellite provider I have looked into have attempted to play this game to get more money out of the customer. Some may not offer a secondary network channel like ESPN2 HD on lesser plans, but they all offer the lead channel!

I will never even look at FIOS again. Every aspect of their service is terrible! They may offer more HD channels, but only if you get the most expensive plans. They won't even offer what are the most basic HD channels with other companies in any of their lesser plans.

This just shows me that what I thought was a customer serivce representative problem is actually a corporate from the top mandated problem of "try to manipulate the customers in as many ways as possible because we have only one competitor."