Horrible customer service, billing, promo not being honored
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I never had to contact Verizon for anything for a long time. I guess that was good thing. I ordered FIOS triple play on the web and the checkout summary and order summary clearly shows the price for 1st month and then 2nd to 24th month and the Visa card amount. I get the first bill and none of it matches the order summary. The bill has $15 extra per month for the service and the Visa card amount is reduced by $50. I think, oh well, something must have gone wrong, no big deal, call the customer service and it would be fixed, after all Verizon is reputed company and I have printouts showing clearly what I ordered for what price. Not really!!! I talked to three reps in billing and none of them even tried to do anything except hanging up, transferring to a wrong department and the last one simply saying "nothing he or his supervisor can do". He said this is what our system shows and this is what you will have to pay regardless of what your order summary show !!! I asked to be transferred to the supervisor and after 10+ minutes of wait was told that I would be contacted. This is when it is not even a phone order where they can say that I heard incorrectly or misunderstood... it is a web order with everything clearly displayed.

This seems like them growing too big and one hand not knowing or caring about what the other one is doing. Before I ordered the service, I have been constantly being contacted via mail, email to get the service and discounts, when I order, none of that turns out to be true (except for the web ordering page). Even before the installation they messed up although I did not care too much about it. It seems "copper line" guys are different than "fiber guys" and "copper guys" disconnected the phone line 4 days before the installation by "fiber guys"!!!

Not sure what is next in line but so far it has been bad... very bad.