Horrible customer service

I've been a FIOS customer for a little over 3 years.  After my contract expired, I was assured by a fios representative that my bill would not increase, and I did not need to enter into a new contract.  Alas, my bill kept creeping up little by little.  At the end of October 2019, my bill increased $45 !  I called customer service many times, and asked to receive a credit as I was given incorrect information, and advised I would be willing to enter into a new agreement.  Each representative that I spoke with simply said no, they would not be willing/able to offer a credit to me.  This is the most outrageous thing I've ever heard.  I said that, as a company, FIOS would be willing to lose a loyal customer over this - which wasn't my fault ??  And was told, quite simply, yes.  Shame on you !  I will be sure to tell everyone about my horrible experience !