Horrible services
I recently got verizon fios services installed at my house. The man who installed it was very nice and did a great job. Beings fios services had never been installed at my house before he had to run a cable going from my Verizon box all the way up to the main road. (About 800 feet of cable) I was told that someone would be out to bury the wire in 5 -7 business days. 3 weeks later no one had been out. So I called verizon to see when someone would come. I was told they will be there in the next 2 days. No one came. I called again and was told they would be there either Thursday or Monday. Once again no one showed up. So I called once more and the lady I spoke to said according to her system it shows that the wire had already been buried, yet clearly the wire was still running across my property ABOVE ground. Finally yesterday (after over a month) it got buried. Then I had to have another man come out and pick up the temporary wire. He was very rude. I gave him permission to drive to the back of my house but instead he opened a gate that I did not give him permission to open and then left it open when he left! Letting all the chickens out. I am very very disapointed in Verizon's services. It has been nothing but trouble with them. I would never recommend them to anyone.
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