How Do I File a Complaint or Speak to a "Live Agent"
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This is the absolute worst website I have ever used.  Verizon does not {word filter avoidance} about their customers.  The is a sales site only.  There is no customer service phone number, there is no complaint system.  The only access I have is to ask the forum (of other frustrated customers) for help.  Everytime I try to contact by email, I am sent back to virtual (sales) agent.  When you call Verizon, if you find a number they refer you to this site which refers you back to the contact them by phone, email, etc.  There is no information on this site except how to order services and even that is difficult to do!  I have wasted hours of my time on this **bleep** site trying to make a simple change.  I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.................