How Do I escalate my issues?

I wanted to actually try and reduce my bill but instead they upsell me their new router with 1Gig speed.  Well they install the new router and leave and after 10 minutes the router craps out.  I call tech support and they are telling me maybe the tech is at central still working...ok whatever that means but he just left my house can you please call him back?? No they can't do that...the whole time I am on the phone the router is of course working so the rep is like looks like the tech is finished...I am like really?? Whatever, it's working so I guess he's right.  About 10 seconds after I hang up the phone the router goes out again...unreal. Call back, and by the Verizon's automated phone service is a complete joke and so frustrating I almost threw my phone thru the wall trying to reach a human being....geez...I finally get a human and tell him the same story and he looks up the ticket and says the tech closed it out meaning he's all done and also meaning the first rep was full of crap but whatever I need this fixed asap.  It's Friday 3pm and he says the next available opening is Sunday at 2pm..**bleep**?!?! So now I have no TV, internet or phone for two days?!?!? That is unaceptable! All they had to do was send the tech back.  They initially told me the tech would need two to three hours to complete the install but he was done in 30 minutes so why can't he come back and fix this crap??  I reset the power and it worked for 10 minutes and then went out.  I googled how to file a complaint and only this forum came up which means nothing will come about my issues.  

Re: How Do I escalate my issues?
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.