How I Redeemed Verizon Gift Cards
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Hello - I was (finally) able to register to redeem my Verizon Gift Cards after attempts to fix on my own, 30 minute online chat, 30 minute hold by phone (lol - they answered my call right after my latest attempt at fixing it myself worked!)

I know a few others have posted answers, but as it is incredibly frustrating, I wanted to chime in with what worked for me - I too tried multiple browsers on a work laptop, home laptop, tablet) and my third attempt was on Chrome, which worked for me:

1)  Try a different browser (Safari & Chrome seem to have worked for folks, but there was at least 1 person where Chrome did not work.) - In my case, Chrome DID work.

2)  Clear your cache/browsing history (If you're unfamiliar with this, it can be a slightly different process depending on your browser) & you can select the Timeframe & type of history to clear ~ For my 3 browsers:

  • Edge:  Click on horizontal ellipsis (...) - upper right corner of browser, select "Settings" > "Privacy, search and services" > "Choose what to clear" (under "Clear browsing data")  > "Clear now"
  • Chrome:  Click on vertical ellipsis (3 dots - upper right corner of browser) > select "Settings" > "Clear browsing data" (under Privacy and security) > "Clear data"
  • Silk:  Click on menu bar (3 horizontal lines, upper left corner of browser) > select "Settings" > "Privacy" > "Clear browsing data" > "CLEAR DATA" (lower right of window)

I hope this helps someone, as I see this issue has popped up for a few years now, and as recently as yesterday.

Verizon:  Please fix this issue so it works on multiple browsers and in the interim, educate your phone/chat staff at a minimum, to suggest & walk clients through these steps - Once I got through my research, chat/call, my 3rd browser attempt, it took me 2 minutes to complete vs. hours trying to resolve.  It is unacceptable that clients are still experiencing this issue.