How do I file a customer complaint?

I would like to file a complaint against Verizon representative Wade {edited for privacy} located in New Jersey. Part of is responsibility is signing up and moving Verizon customers into the {edited for privacy} Apartments in Marlton, NJ. I do have his cell phone number, but will not post it in the forum.

Wade contacted me directly at the request of The {edited for privacy} Apartments/{edited for privacy}to set up installation at my new address for 4/2/18. I informed Wade that I was a present Fios customer and had been for years. He then proceeded through the usual questions and everything seemed to have been processed properly. About a week later I was on My Verizon for an unrelated reason and noticed that my pending order had the wrong shut off date for my present address and the wrong installation date for my new address. I phoned Wade immediately and left a message which he responded back to quickly. We discussed the problem of the incorrect dates and he said he would correct them and be back to me by the end of the week. He did not call me back that week, so on Monday 2/12 I checked My Verizon again only find that no changes had been made. I phoned him again that day 2/12 and we discussed the same problem again and he informed me that he will handle and get back to me by the end of the week. He did not contact me by 3:00PM EST on Friday 2/16 so I phoned Wade again and he answered the phone. When I told him the problem was not handled and the dates were still wrong, he told me “ not to sweat the small things” and to text him the information instead. I then text the information to him on Friday 2/16 at 3:04PM EST thanking him politely. At that point on I decided to let it go since he insured me it would be handled properly.

I text Wade again On Wednesday 3/7 at 5:40AM to inform him that my Fios service had been shutoff by Verizon and then phoned him at 8:00AM only to receive his voicemail that says he will return your call within a hour. I waited till approximately 9:00 and left another message asking him to call me back again, but within five minutes or I would need to contact the toll free number for customer service instead.

After waiting another fifteen minutes I called customer service and without going through all the details my service was finally turned back on Friday 3/9 at approximately 6:15PM.

I do have the name and contact number of the customer service re

Re: How do I file a customer complaint?

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.