How do I file a customer service complaint ?

Phone won’t charge wirelessly. Although I pay Verizon for insurance, took me 4 straight hours on the phone to get help, made me reset/restore only to get cut off and have to start over after first 2 hours. I finally had an emotional breakdown on the phone when a nice man at assurian took pity on me and processed my claim in about 5 minutes. Literally took me breaking down and almost hyperventilating over the phone to get help. Charged $199 for a less than one year old phone replacement   Once I was finally helped went to Verizon chat to ask how I report customer service issue, no response. Only ever used Verizon for over 20 years. Absolutely horrible  

Re: How do I file a customer service complaint ?

These forums are dedicated to Residential products and services offered by Verizon.

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