How do I silence the beeping BBU on an old model?

Hi, I've seen this issue about BBUs beeping posted here a few times, but I've seen no practical solutions. From what I have read, the newer models of the Battery Backup Units stop beeping when you take out the battery. My version will beep until the battery is replaced with a functional one. I dont want to shell out for a new battery again as I've already gone through three. Furthermore, I have at least 2 cellphones around me in the event of a power outage, so the landline working is useless to me anyway. Pressing the "Alarm Silence" button only satisfies it for 24 hours, after which there is more incessant beeping. I found a picture of the BBU I'm using on the web ( This beeping is driving me insane, please help?

Re: How do I silence the beeping BBU on an old model?
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You already answered your own question. Either replace the battery or press the button everyday unless you call Verizon to swap out your bbu for a newer model that doesn't beep.