How does one contact 'Corporate Escalations' for FiOS

I have had FiOS since 12/19/2006 so you can say I'm about as long time a customer as there can be.

Recently I switched from Custom TV Action and Entertainment package at $89/month to Preferred at $109/month.

I just tried to switch back (after about 6 weeks) and now, all of a sudden, the Custom TV Action and Entertainment package, inexplicably, costs $99/month.

I appreciate the fact that Verizon can charge people whatever it feels like charging them whenever it feels like doing so.. It can change things, act unpredictably and without warning (I was not warned that if I switched away from Custom TV Action and Entertainment to something else and then decided to switch back again, the price would increase, for example.. it would have been easy to warn me of that before I accepted the T&Cs of the change..).

So -  good going VZ.  I will allow a week for VZ to contact me in some fashion to let me know they value my business and will restore my prior price point or I will just cancel the service without another thought and switch to a competitor.  


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Re: How does one contact 'Corporate Escalations' for FiOS
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Hello karmester,
This community is meant mainly for peer-to-peer support. If you need to talk to a Verizon representative, you should contact customer service directly at 1-800-VERIZON.