How does one get unresolved issues resolved beyond calling 1-800

I realize I'm the common denominator in all this but seriously I need some help and everytime I call to try and have my account adjusted I get to the same problem that there is an "open" ticket and they can't make any changes.  I'm on the phone for at least an hour each time... this is nuts - doesn't Verizon have any escalated trouble shooting assistance?

Ok here's my saga.

Finally decided to get pay TV after 3 years in May.

Service was ordered but because my account was erroneously set up with someone elses name and my address took longer to establish.

Finally got service installed but it was basic service and we wanted the mid level service.

Got the service upgraded and went ahead and got the free 90 day movie channels too

Didn't get any paperbills so I had nothing to pay from.  Everytime I tried to go online to see my account it would kick me out because I didn't have a "telephone number" (I use AT&T for my phone service) - I'd end up in this screen where I had to enter my account number but never actually got to see "my account".

Finally I get something in the mail but it's a turn off notice for an amount this is much more than I thought I agreed to.

Call Verizon and they promise to send paper copies and I throw some money at the bill to keep the service connected.

Service gets disconnected anyway (seriously!  - I pay all my bills timely - I got a 700+ credit score -this is nuts).

I call and get it restored.

Still no bills - so I finally call back and a very patient customer support rep walks me through getting on line access to my account.

Review the bills and see that the free movies expired weeks ago and I have the Ultimate package rather than the mid level.  CS Rep can't adjust my account and tells me she'll put a trouble ticket in and adjust the account once it's fixed.

I make another payment but get a notice and a call that the account is subject to suspension again.

Go online from my iPad while on the road but get kicked off.

Try again when I'm home to go online and this time I see that my payment was applied to an inactive account (probably the account that got set up by mistake before).  I get the payment moved.

Decide to try again to get the billing corrected and my account credited for the overbilling.  Operator is now treating my like I'm trying to get something for nothing and hangs up on me when I ask to be transferred to a supervisor (I had been on the phone for an hour at that point).

Call back - same story - account has an open ticket and no changes can be made until it gets fixed.  Employee Ms Clark will call me back with the ticket number.  I'm not holding my breath.

So what do I do to get through to someone who can fix this for me???  I'm really tired of spending hours on the phone with the Verizon folks.  They are all polite (except for the last one that hung up on me on 11/7/11) but I feel like I'm lost in space, meanwhile - the package that was supposed to cost me $115/mo plus taxes &  fees is costing me $175/mo...


Re: How does one get unresolved issues resolved beyond calling 1-800
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I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

Re: How does one get unresolved issues resolved beyond calling 1-800

I am tired of calling repair out to fix my phone line.  Then a week later, phone is out again.  We schedule repair they say it is the wiring in house.  Wait for repair to show and then find out they called 2 hours before repair appointment and say phone is working.  Now a week is back out.  Now they say it will be next week before they can come out.  Why should I have to keep waiting so long for something they have never fixed in the first place?

You call repair, they say all they can do is schedule an appointment.  You call billing to ask for credit for the time they are saying it is going to take for them to repair it and they say they can't do that until repair is done.  I am fed up with the quality of service I am getting. 

Re: How does one get unresolved issues resolved beyond calling 1-800
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Do you have traditional copper service or FIOS.

If it is traditional copper, you need to post here:

Also, with traditional phone service, you can file a complaint with your local PSC as they still govern that.