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I have no internet and no TV. I think there's something wrong with my ONT but I live in an apartment so I'm not sure where it is or if I can even fix it without messing up anyone else's service. I've been trying to no avail to get someone on the phone to schedule a technician to come and help. I've had the calls dropped on me in the middle of waiting on multiple occassions and the online troubleshoot has been useless since we need a real person to come by. We've had no problems before this and we've only had the service a couple of months. But the way we've been treated on the phone and the lack of help from anyone is already causing us to second guess our choice in Verizon. What do we have to do to get someone to help?

Re: How to contact customer service to file a complaint
I will post here since I can't find an email address for Verizon Fios support.
It should not be this hard to fix what was Verizon's mistake and the thought of charging me for the screw up is outragious!
Dear Verizon,
I recently had a problem when I was attempting to schedule the disconnecting of my service in my current residence and connecting in my new house.
I tried to schedule it online. I plugged in the date I wanted the service connected at the new house. When I tried to plug in the disconnect date for my current residence my nightmare started.
The closest option to disconnect service here was 5 days prior to the new house connection. I stopped there and started a conversation with the online chat rep. She told me to click through the order without selecting a disconnect date and submit the order, at that point she would change it. I did what she asked and let her know the disconnect date was 3/07/18, the current day. At first she questioned if I completed the order. I told her I had and sent her the order number. She told me that was not a correct order number, I explained to her I was looking at that number on my screen, I even copied and pasted the number to her. She still couldn't see it. She got her supervisor who also couldn't figure out what was wrong. At that point she told me to Call a number the next morning. I reminded them the disconnect date was that day and I was worried. She stated there was no need to worry, since she couldn't see the order no one else could either so nothing would be disconnected. the whole episode was over 2 hours.
The next morning I turned on my TV and found my fear was real and my service was disconnected.
I called that morning and explained the problem to the lady on the phone. She apologized and said she could take care of it.
She said the service I had was no longer available. I don't understand the process of disconnecting but it didn't make sense to me.
She said I had to create a new account and a tech had to come out. I had to take a higher speed and all my boxes had to be changed. At first she told me it would total $270 and a $99 connection fee.
I felt like I was on Candid Camera. I explained to her I just signed a contract for $205/month and asked why I should have to pay anything extra due to a problem which was no fault of mine. She understood and rattled off what she would deduct and that my total
After another hour plus on the phone she rattled off what she would deduct and my total for the month would be $140, I thought that was fair and some compensation for the whole problem.
Now I get an estimated bill for $341.04!
This has to be a mistake. Did I misunderstand her and it was $140 plus my contract amount?
Please look into this. I'm already strapped to get the down payment for the house together and  should not be held responsible and paying extra for a problem I did not cause.
Here was the order number:
I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.                               
Re: How to contact customer service to file a complaint
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