I'm worried

So I made the jump to Verizon just now and I'm very worried.  The experience was just rough from start to finish and it took a very long time to finish.  The chat Technician didn't seem to be paying attention by not answering my questions, half-answering, or giving contradictory answers while being a little pushy with "Would you place an order now?".  He was polite and pleasant but accuracy and attention to detail needs much improvement.  He said I had to call Verizon support to let them know I need a cable run to a room as part of the installation.

So I call.  I've previously ran a Help Desk for 3 years and Verizon has one of the most useless and nightmarish phone trees ever.  If I didn't really want to get a hard-wired connection for this room I would have bailed then & there.  I eventually get to someone who of course politely says I'm in the wrong spot and sends me elsewhere that had "Technical" in the name.

The Technical Team informs me the Chat Tech was wrong as a cable run is included in the installation.  I wasn't happy I had to wade through all the hassles up to this point but at least I had my answer I thought.  He says he wants to update my ticket for me and puts me on hold.  He then comes back to say he was wrong and that it's an extra fee for a cable run.  He added that he's not sure why I was sent to them becasue they can't add that item to my order.  To his credit, he calls the Sales Team (the same team that sent me to the Tech Team).  Next piece of fun is they can't even add it to my ticket and because of that, there'll be no charge. I'm cautiously optimistic at this point and ask if he can send that to me in an email so I have a record.  Apparently your Technical Team has no access to email because he says they don't have that ability or they're flat out lying so there's no paper trail for the story he's giving me.  He gives me a ticket # for reference and assures me the notes are updated so there'll be no charge for the cable run.

Help me Verizon.  Please don't fail this bad.  I understand how complex and enormous a task it is to run an Enterprise of your size but you need to do better.